Spectacular Images of Pre-Revolution China 1870-1946

Pre-Revolution China 1870-1946 Here is an amazing collection of vintage photographies taken in pre-revolution China. The images were fully restored to a perfect condition by Ralph Repo and published on his Flickr account. As says the author, all images were randomly found on the internet and all of them were taken in Pre Deng XiaoPing period (1870-1946).

Poor peasants, townspeople, merchants, imperial dinasty persons, cities, nature landscapes, old villages and ancient militray objects – you can find all in this great restored photography collection. It's the China which you can visually discover and observe through images like these only. It's the civilization, that has not yet been changed according to new ideas of communism and partly western standards later. The journey begins now!

Peking Mission School Children At Play, The Dragon's Head, China (1902)

Chinese Punishment, Whipping A Lawbreaker (1900)

Taiwan Aborigines, Bunun Tribe, Formosa (1900)

During The Famine Young Child Dying In The Gutter, China (1946)

Foot Bound Girls, Liao Chow, Shansi, China (1930)

Empress Gobele Wan Rong (~1920-1940)

The Meridian Gate, Entrance To The Forbidden City, Peking China (1927)

Men Laden With Tea, Sichuan Sheng, China (1908)

Jade Belt Bridge & Boat, Summer Palace, Peking, China (1924)

Imperial Gate Of The Imperial City, Looking North, Peking, China (1901)

Family In Lanchow, China (1944)

Kampa Dzong, Tibet (1904)

Forest Temple Near Chefoo, Shantung, China (1895)

Singing Girls, Hong Kong, China (1901)

A Boat On A River With Rolling Hills In The Background In The Kiangsu Province Or Yunnan Province In China (1946)

Natives At Breakfast, Movable Chow Shop, Canton, China (1919)

A Chinese Professor, China (1919)

Rich Merchants Dining With Singing Girls, Pekin, China (1901)

Six Strongmen In Traditional Dress, China (1909)

Canton, China (1880)

Mercenary Artillerymen Supplied With Guns & Ammunition By The British (1880)

Kidnapped Girls, Foochow, China (1904)

Tibetan Lhacham, Tibet (1879)

Yung Ting Men, Front View Of The Two Towers & The Barbican (1924)

Ching Yang Temple, Chentu, China (1908)

Queen's Road On Chinese New Years Day, Hong Kong, China (1902)

Aerial View Of Terraced Fields & Roadway With A Military Vehicle In A Mountainous Region Of The Kiangsu Province Or Yunnan Province In China (1946)

China, Kuan Hsien Temple (1908)

Young Mother Carrying A Child On Her Back In The Market, Hong Kong Island (1946)

Portrait Of Manchu Girl In Traditional Costume, Beijing, China, (~1861-1864)

China's Common Carrier, Her Substitute For Railways, A Camel Square In Peking, China (1901)

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7 Responses to “Spectacular Images of Pre-Revolution China 1870-1946”

  1. Scott says:

    The "Chinese Professor (1919)" and "Rich Merchants Dining With Singing Girls, Pekin, China (1901)" have the same backdrop tapestry overhead (although exposed and cropped differently) and both appear to be theatrical in nature.

    • sven says:

      theatrical they are as most 'portraits' in these days even now ou can find lots of baby pictures climbing out of a rotan basket with a sheep fur :-) but the dating is a bit of or the photographer used the setting for several years…


  2. Tovya says:

    the Six Strongmen in Traditional Dress (1909) are likely Mongolian.    I agree with Scott's post about the very theatrical nature of those 2 photos.  The "professor's "expression is quite theatrical and the costumes and headresses are typical of Chinese opera.

  3. Tovya says:

    Great photos!  The family in Lanchow (1944) appears to be Tibetan.

  4. Jacqui says:

    The child dying in the gutter and nobody helping him is one of the most disturbing photos ive ever seen

  5. ian z says:

    Fascinating photographs, thank you. However there are a few inaccuracies in the description. This is the pre-revolutionary period and not the pre-Deng XiaoPing period. Deng's leadership began in 1978.  It's also entirely false that China in this period was not yet changed by western civilization. In fact, the late Qing and republican periods were moments of intense westernization, both forced on China from the outside, and driven by modernizing intelligentsia. 

  6. Bazza says:

    It's Chinese Opera 

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